Ancient Coinage of Ionia, Chios

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BMC 2Chios, Ionia, AR stater. 545-500 BC. sphinx sitting left, amphora before, surmounted by a bunch of grapes / Quadripartite incuse square. BMC 2-4; Sear 4593.TextImage
BMC 12Chios, Ionia AR Didrachm. Circa 431-412 BC. sphinx sitting left, amphora before; all within wreath / Quadripartite incuse square. Baldwin 11. TextImage
BMC 41Ionian Islands Chios 3rd Century B.C. AE 16 mm. sphinx sitting left / Vine-wreath encircling two bands placed crosswise. TextImage
BMC 54-55Chios, Ionia, AR Drachm 19 mm, 4 g. 133-84 BC. Magistrate Derkylos. Sphinx sitting left, bunch of grapes to left. / XIOΣ ΔEΡKYΛOΣ, amphora; cornucopiae in outer lef field. BMC 54-55; SNG von Aulock 2278-2279; SNG Post 252; SNG Cop 1562; de Luynes 2675-2676; SNG Lockett 2865; SNG Leipzig 1216; Dewing 2326-2329.TextImage
BMC 105Chios, Ionia, 84-30 BC. Magistrate Asmenos. 2.87 gr. Sphinx sitting left, aplustre in left field / XIOC ACMENOC ACMENOC, amphora. RPC I 2424; BMC 105; Hunter 50-51; Lindgren I 584; SNG Cop 1636-1637; SNG von Aulock 2280; Sear Greece 4610 var (magistrate).TextImage
BMC 114Chios, Ionia, AE Dichalkon. 14mm, 1.8g. 1-150 AD. XI-Ω-N, Sphinx sitting left, forepaw raised / ΔIXA-ΛKON, amphora with pointed lower end, dotted border. BMC Ionia 114; Mionnet 3, 114.TextImage
BMC 119Chios, AE32 3 Assaria, ACCAΡIA TΡIA, Sphinx sitting left. / EΠI AΡX ΠΡEIMOY ΔIC around, XIΩN below, Apollo and Dionysos standing facing each other to left and right of altar, crescent between them. BMC 119. TextImage
BMC 126Chios, Ionia, AE23. AD 138-192. 7.05 g. XIΩN, sphinx sitting right, resting forepaw on an amphora. / ACCAΡION HMYCY ("one and a half assarion"), two crossed thyrsoi within a vine wreath, a bunch of grapes hanging from above. BMC 126; Mavrogordato 114b; SNG Cop 1650.TextImage
BMC 128Chios, Ionia, AE24 3 Assaria, 150-268 AD. 7.35 gr. AΣAΡIA TΡIA, Sphinx sitting right, left front paw raised, prow below / EΠ AΡX XΡYΣOΓONOY TOY EΠ AΦΡOΔEITOY, Amphora between two grain ears. BMC 128; Paris 5137; Weber 6283.TextImage
BMC 133Chios, Ionia, AE24, 2 Assaria, Roman Times, ACCAΡIA around, ΔVΩ below, sphinx sitting right / EΠ AΡ AY XΡY XOΓONOYCI around, Ω-N across fields, round bodied amphora. BMC 133. TextImage
BMC 140Chios, Ionia, AE17 semi-autonomous Issue. AD 68-117. 2.73 g. XIΩN, sphinx sitting left, resting right paw on prow. / OMHΡOC, Homer seated right, holding scroll inscribed IΛIA (The Iliad). BMC 140-141; Hunter 68-70; Paris 5113-5115; SNG von Aulock 2283; SNG Cop 1659; Weber 6279.TextImage
Baldwin 36Ionia, Islands off. Chios. Circa 460-440 BC. AR Didrachm. sphinx sitting left; grapes and amphora before / Quadripartite incuse square. TextImage
Baldwin 98bChios, Ionia AR Tetradrachm. ca 375-350 BC. Heridanos, magistrate. sphinx sitting left, amphora surmounted by grape-bunch before / Quadripartite incuse square, HΡIΔANOΣ across horizontal band; vertical striations within each quarter. Weber 6257. TextImage
CNG 61, 718Ionia, Islands off, Chios AR Tetradrachm. ca 412-350 BC. sphinx sitting left, amphora surmounted by grape-bunch before / Quadripartite incuse square, ΘEOKTHMΩN across horizontal band; vertical striations within each quarter. TextImage
61A var
Chios, Ionia, AR didrachm, 10.78 gr. Ca. 260-240 BC. Magistrate Aggeliskos. Sphinx with curled wing, seated left on ground line, bunch of grapes to left, all within border of dots / Wine amphora, XIOΣ downwards on left, AΓΓEΛIΣKOΣ downwards on right, all within vine-wreath with alternate leaves and tendrils. Mavrogordato in NC 1916 61A var (tetradrachm); Svoronos in JIAN 1909, 2 var (ditto).TextImage
RPC 2415Chios, Ionia under Antiochos IV of Commagene, 38-72 AD, AR Drachm. Reduced Attic standard. Phesi-, magistrate. ca 60 AD. ΦHΣI beneath sphinx sitting left, holding wreath / Amphora within wreath. SNG Cop 1629. TextImage
SNGCop 1545Chios, Ionia. c. 478-431 BC. Silver Half Stater, 13mm (3.46 gm). sphinx sitting left, amphora to left / Quadripartite incuse square. TextImage
SNGCop 1586Ionia, Islands off. Chios. 190-84 BC. AE 17mm. sphinx sitting right, grapes before / XIOΣ AΣΠAΣ, Amphora, corn ear to left. TextImage
SNG Cop 1621Ionia, Chios. 190-84 B.C. AE 10 mm. sphinx sitting left / Amphora. TextImage
SNG Cop 1631Chios, Ionia. 84-30 BC. Magistrate Aristokles. Sphinx, wearing polos, sitting right, left front foot on prow / XIOΣ AΡIΣTO-KΛHΣ to left and right, amphora. Mavrogordato 75A in NC 1917; SNG Cop 1631.TextImage
SNG Cop 1645Chios, Ionia, Pseudo-autonomous issue. AE obol, ca 100 AD. 9.80 g. OBOΛOΣ, Sphinx sitting right, placing front paw on prow / XIΩN, naked hero standing facing holding staff or spear, helmet at foot left. SNG Cop. 1645; SNG von Aulock 2281.TextImage
SNG Cop 1651Chios, Ionia. Pseudo-autonomous issue. 1st-2nd centuries AD. AE Assarion 22mm, 6.28 g. sphinx sitting right, raising forepaw; bunch of grapes to right / Chian amphora between two stars. SNG Copenhagen 1651.TextImage
SNG Cop 1669Chios & Erythrae, Alliance Issue, AE20, (4.35g) Time of Gallienus, 253-268 AD, ΔHMOC XIΩN, Head of Demos right, oval countermark on chin of Great God reclining, spearhead to left. / XIΩN [EΡY]ΘΡAIΩN OMONIOIA, Herakles striding right, brandishing club in right hand, left hand outstretched. SNG Fitz. 4493; Hunter 71; SNG Tuebingen 3271; Kurth Demos 861. TextImage
SNG Del 2686Chios, Ionia, AR Drachm. Ca 2nd Century BC. sphinx sitting left; grapes before / ΔEΡKYΛOΣ XIOΣ amphora, cornucopiae to left. SNG Lockett 2865, Weber 6270, Dewing 2329. TextImage
SNG vA 2275Chios, Ionia. Circa 431-412 BC. AR Drachm. sphinx sitting left; grapes & amphora in front / Quadripartite granulated incuse square. TextImage
SNG vA 2285Chios, Ionia, AE32, civic issue, 84-14 BC. ACCAΡIA TΡIA, sphinx sitting right, left paw raised over prow / X-I Ω-N across fields, Apollo standing front, holding patera, and Dionysos, standing front, holding kantharos and thyrsos. Altar between them. Mavrogordato 111 in NC 1918; Paris 5157; SNG von Aulock 2285.TextImage
Traite 1964Chios, Ionia AR Tetradrachm. Circa 412-350 BC. Skymnos, magistrate. sphinx sitting left, amphora surmounted by grape-bunch before / Quadripartite incuse square, ΣKYMNOΣ across horizontal band; vertical striations within each quarter. Baldwin 95. TextImage
Winterthur 3237Chios, Ionia, AE 2 Assaria, Pseudo-autonomous issue, 3rd c. AD. 5.83 g. ACARIA DUW, Sphinx sitting right, head turned back, front paw on amphora / EΠ AΡ AY XΡYCOΓONOY XIΩN, naked warrior standing facing, holding staff or spear. Winterthur 3237.TextImage
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