Ancient Coinage of Etruria, Luca

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Sambon 24Luca, Etruria, AR 10 units, 3rd century BC, 4.26 g. Hippocamp right, dolphin left below, dolphin downwards and CC above. / Blank. Sambon 24; AMB 19 (this coin); SNG ANS 17; HN Italy 98.TextImage
SNG ANS 18Luca, Etruria. Circa 211-206 AD. AR 5 Asses. Hippocamp right; dolphins & X above, crescent below / Blank. Vecchi 42/2. TextImage
SNG ANS 25Luca, Etruria. Circa 300-250 BC. AR 5 Asses. Laureate male head right, Λ behind head. / Blank. Vecchi I 33/1 [Populonia], HN Italy 97; Sambon 101. TextImage
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