Ancient Coinage of Elis, Zakynthos

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BMC 34Zakynthos, Elis, Peloponnesos. AE unit, 357-250 BC. 1.73 g. Laureate head of Apollo left / Large I (Greek Z), A-Z D-I in two lines across fields. BMC 34; Gardnet IV, 3.TextImage
BMC 52Zakynthos, Elis, Peloponnesos. AE unit, 350-250 BC. 3.32 g. Laureate head of Apollo right / ZA beneath forepart of Pegasos right. BMC 52; Gardner IV, 22.TextImage
BMC 59vElis, Islands off. Zakynthos. ca 357-250 BC. AE 13mm. Laureate head of Apollo left / Forepart of horse right, IA below. BMC 59 var and Gardner IV, 24 var (both have head right on obv.) TextImage
BMC 65Zakynthos, Elis, AE22, 7.9 g. Head of Artemis right, hair in a knot / Bucranium with pendent fillets; Z below; all within wreath. BMC 65; Hoover HGC 251; SNG Cop. 485; Gardner V, 4.TextImage
BMC 73Zakynthos, Elis, Peloponnesos. AE unit, 250-191 BC. 2.41 g. Head of Artemis right, quiver behind shoulder / Z-A to left and right of quiver, star at lower right, all within wreath. BMC 73; SNG Cop 486; Gardner V, 7.TextImage
CNG 64, 220Zakynthos?, Elis, Peloponnesos. Ca 4th century BC. AR hemiobol, 0.27 g. Corinthian helmet right / Tall, narrow amphora within wreath.TextImage
Lambros 1008 varZakynthos, Elis, Peloponnesos. AE unit, 394-357 BC. 3.62 g. Lyre / D-A Z, tripod in olive wreath. Lambros 1008 var (letters on rev.); Gardner IV, 7 var (ditto).TextImage
Lindgren 1670Zakynthos, Elis, Peloponnesos. AE unit, 250-191 BC. 1.98 g. Head of Artemis right, quiver behind shoulder / Z-A to left and right of quiver with strap, all within wreath. BMC 80; Lindgren I, 1670 (this coin); Gardner V, 6.TextImage
Lindgren 1671Zakynthos, Elis, Peloponnesos. AE unit, Roman times. 2.84 g. Herakles standing left, lionskin over left arm, holding club and apple / ZA monogram, Hermes in chiton and chlamys, standing left, holding purse and caduceus. BMC 90; Lindgren I, 1671 (this coin); SNG Cop. 491; Gardner VIII, 3.TextImage
Rosen 232Zakynthos, Elis, Peloponnesos. AR drachm, 2.01 g. ca 500 BC. Tripod, dot in crescent to left and right between the feet / Incuse punch with six sections. Coll. Rosen 232; Gardner I, 1.TextImage
SNG Cop 481Zakynthos, Elis, Peloponnesos. AR tetrobol, 394-357 BC. 3.27 g. Laureate head of Apollo right / Z-A, tripod in olive wreath. SNG Cop. 481; Gardner III, 7.TextImage
Gardner VIII, 6Lucius Verus, AE20 of Zacynthus, Elis. AD 161-169. 5.90 g. AYT KAI Λ OYHΡOC, Laureate head right / ZAKYNΘIωN, Woman standing facing, raising right hand. Gardner, Zakynthos VIII, 6.TextImage
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