Ancient Coinage of Cyprus, Salamis

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BMC 1vCyprus, Salamis, Euanthes AR Cut Stater. ca 450 BC. Ram recumbent left / Ram's head left. TextImage
BMC 2Cyprus, Salamis, Euelthon AR Stater. Posthumous issue, struck circa 515-480 BC. Euelthon in Cypriot, ram kneeling left / Blank. Rosen 754, Dewing 2528. TextImage
BMC 13Salamis, Cyprus, AE15. 322-312 BC. Helmeted head of Athena left / Prow left, ΣAΛ before. TextImage
BMC 16Salamis, Cyprus, Evagoras II (?), AE12, (1.55g) head of Aphrodite left, in stephanos / star of eight rays. TextImage
BMC 27Salamis. Cyprus. Ca.480-460 BC. AR stater. 10.99 gr. Ram recumbent left, Cypriot letters above, small ankh symbol before / Ankh symbol formed of dots along linear circle, dot in center, in incuse square from four corners of which project sprays of three leaves. BMC 27.TextImage
BMC 42Salamis, Cyprus. AR Hemiobol. Ca 411 BC. Ram's head right / youthful male head right. BMC 42. TextImage
BMC 43Audymon or Abdemon, King of Cyprus, AR hemiobol. 7.62 mm, 0.41 g. 410 BC. Salamis mint. Ram's head right / Youthful male head right, Cypriot letters beneath chin. BMC Cyprus 43; Babelon Perses 581-582.TextImage
BMC 55Salamis, Cyprus. Evagoras I, c. 411-374 BC. AR Stater, 21mm, 11.04. E u fa go ro, in Cypriot script, Head of bearded Herakles right, wearing lionskin headress. / Ba si le fo se eu (in Cypriot and Greek, goat with long horns and beard sitting right on dotted ground line; barley corn above, letter to right. BMC 55; Sear SG 5806; SNG Cop 48; Masson & Amandry Ba.TextImage
BMC 57Salamis, Cyprus, AR tetrobol, Euagoras I, king ca 411-374 BC. EUWAKORO (in Cypriot), Herakles, naked, seated right on rock covered with lionskin, holding rhyton in left hand and club in his lowered right hand / PASLEWOSE (in Cypriot), Goat reclining right, Δ at lower right. BMC 57; SNG Cop. 49; Sear SG 5807.TextImage
BMC 57vCyprus, Salamis, Evagoras I AR Tetrobol. 411-374 BC. Youthful Herakles seated right on rock, holding club and horn / Ram recumbent right; A before, ... in exergue. Mason and Amandry Bb1. BMC 57 var (letter before ram). TextImage
BMC 68Salamis, Cyprus, AR obol. Evagoras II, 361-351 BC. Helmeted head of Athena left. / Star of eight rays, with central dot. BMC 68; Tziambazis 127; SNG Cop 53.TextImage
BMC 68 varSalamis, Cyprus, AE12. Evagoras II, 361-351 BC. Helmeted head of Athena left / Star of eight rays, with central dot. BMC 68 var (obol). TextImage
Cox 20Salamis, Cyprus, AE12. 312-310 BC. Anchor / double headed axe. TextImage
Gemini VIII, 98Salamis (?). AR fraction, uncertain Ruler. ca. 5th-4th century BC. 0.29 g. Youthful male head left / Cypriote legend of six syllables: [.]le-pi[...]., barley corn, all within shallow circular incuse. BMC -; Six Cyprus -; Traité -; McGregor -. Gemini VIII, 98.TextImage
Gokturk 88Salamis, Cyprus, Evagoras II (though often doubted). ca 361-351 BC. AR obol. 10mm, 0.57 g. Draped, bearded, male bust facing slightly left, wearing kyrbasia, star in left field / Draped, female bust left, wearing taenia, earring and necklace. Gökturk 88 (Evagoras II, Salamis); Winzer 18.2 (Mazaios).TextImage
Klein 680Salamis, Cyprus, Evagoras II. ca 361-351 BC. AR hemiobol. 8mm, 0.41 g. Helmeted head of Athena right / Turreted head of Tyche or Aphrodite left. Klein 680 (this coin).TextImage
Sear SG 5828Salamis, Cyprus, AE14, (1.91g) 350-300 BC. Helmeted head of Athena left. / Forepart of bull kneeling left, Σ in left field. Sear SG 5828, BMC 75.TextImage
SNG Cop 40Salamis, Cyprus. 445-411 BC. Silver Hemiobol, 7mm, 0.48 g. Ram's head right / Youthful male head right. TextImage
SNG Cop 42Salamis, Cyprus. Ca. 445-411 BC. AR Obol. Young male head right / Blank. BMC Cyprus 45. TextImage
SNG Cop 46Salamis, Cyprus, Evagoras I AV 10th Stater. 411-374/3 BC. Persic standard. Bearded head of Herakles right in lion's skin headdress / Forepart of goat kneeling right on club. BMC Cyprus 53 corr. TextImage
SNG Cop 57Salamis, Cyprus, Evagoras II. ca 361-351 BC. AE14mm, 1.38 g. Lion standing left; ram’s head above / Horse standing left; ankh to left, star above. Tziambazis 129; SNG Copenhagen 57.TextImage
RPC 3906Augustus AE16 Hemiobol of Paphos, Cyprus. DIVI F IMP CAESAR, head right / A PLAVTIVS PRO COS, temple of Aphrodite at Paphos, containing conical xoanon, semicircular courtyard.TextImage
RPC 4101Augustus AE Sestertius of Syria or Cyprus(?). 22 BC. IMP AVGVST TR POT, laureate head right / OB CIVES SERVATOS in laurel wreath. BMC 738.TextImage
RPC 3919Tiberius AE25 (As). Paphos or Salamis Mint, Cyprus, after 15 AD. Laureate head right / IVLIA AVGVSTA, Livia seated right. BMC 5-6. TextImage
RPC 4309Nero AE30 of Cyprus. IM NER CLAV CAESAR, laureate head right, serpent in front / Large SC in laurel wreath of 8 leaves.TextImage
RPC 1801Vespasian AR Tetradrachm of Salamis, Cyprus. Laureate head right, oval countermark of head of Julia Domna left / Zeus Salaminos standing facing, holding patera, sceptre and eagle.TextImage
RPC 1804Vespasian AR Tetradrachm of Salamis, Cyprus. Laureate head left / ETOYC NEOY ICPOY Φ, Zeus Salaminos standing facing, holding patera, sceptre and eagle.TextImage
RPC 1820Vespasian Brass AE27mm (dupondius), Rome Mint (?), for Cyprus, OVECPACIANOC CEBACTOS, laureate head right / KOINΩN KYΡΠIΩN EOYC Φ, Zeus Salamis standing, holding patera, eagle on left arm.TextImage
See also: The coinage of Salamis, Cyprus, 6th-4th C. BC. PhD thesis by Kaelyn Ann McGregor (2 vols. The coin catalog is in Vol. 2)
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