Ancient Coinage of Cyprus, Paphos

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BMC 16Cyprus, Paphos. Pny… (ca. 460 BC). AR obol. Bull walking left, winged solar disk above / Cypriote inscription, eagle standing left, olive spray to right. Traité II 1299. TextImage
Mionnet 48Nikokles Paphius, King of Cyprus. AR Drachm. Head of Venus left, wearing flat-topped crown, decorated with flowers / NIKOKΛEOYΣ ΠAΦION, Apollo naked, seated left on omphalos, holding arrow and resting on bow, ram at feet. Mionnet 3, 48.TextImage
SNG Cop 27Paphos. Stasandros. Circa 450 BC. AR Obol. Bull standing left; winged solar disk above / Eagle standing left. TextImage
Sear SG 3593Paphos (Paphos, Amathos or Soli), Cyprus, AR stater or double siglos, (10.75g) Late 6th to early 5th century BC. Bull walking left, Cypriot legend Pa. A. in field. / Eagle's head left, palmette above, guilloche pattern below, all in dotted square within incuse square. Sear SG 3593; Larnaka hoard, 1933, 186; Waddington 4828; BMC 8; Rosen 751; Asyut hoard 785; Kraay, ACGC 1088. (Same but bull standing left: Sear SG 3593).TextImage
Sear SG 5785Paphos, Cyprus, AE15. 4th-3rd c. BC. Head of Aphrodite left, wearing stephane. / Cypriot letters PAFI above dove standing right on sceptre. BMC 48; Sear SG 5785.TextImage
Sear SG 5786Timarchos, Paphos AE16. Before 309 BC. Head of Aphrodite left, wearing ornate stephane. / Dove standing right on sceptre, star and Cypriot letter above. Sear SG 5786 type (with letter to right of dove).TextImage
RPC 3906Augustus AE16 Hemiobol of Paphos, Cyprus. DIVI F IMP CAESAR, head right / A PLAVTIVS PRO COS, temple of Aphrodite at Paphos, containing conical xoanon, semicircular courtyard.TextImage
RPC 3916 Time of Augustus (?), AE17, (2.39g) Cyprus, Scorpion / Capricorn right, star above. RPC3916.TextImage
RPC 4101Augustus AE Sestertius of Syria or Cyprus(?). 22 BC. IMP AVGVST TR POT, laureate head right / OB CIVES SERVATOS in laurel wreath. BMC 738.TextImage
RPC 3919Tiberius AE25 (As). Paphos or Salamis Mint, Cyprus, after 15 AD. Laureate head right / IVLIA AVGVSTA, Livia seated right. BMC 5-6. TextImage
RPC 4309Nero AE30 of Cyprus. IM NER CLAV CAESAR, laureate head right, serpent in front / Large S.C in laurel wreath of 8 leaves.TextObv-Rev
BMC 38Trajan, AE of Paphos, Cyprus. Radiate, draped, and cuirassed bust right / Temple of Paphian Aphrodite, cone flanked by two stars within; two columns on either side, semi-circular court in front. BMC 38; SNG Copenhagen 82.TextImage
BMC 57Julia Domna, AE 31 of Paphos, Cyprus, Before 217 AD. IOYΛ ΔOMNA CEB, draped bust right / KOINON KYΠIΩN, Temple of Aphrodite at Paphos with paved semicircular court before; cone in central portion of temple and candelabra in side sections, each with dove on roof; star in crescent above central roof. BMC 57; SNG Copenhagen 90 var. (younger portrait).TextImage
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