Ancient Coinage of Cyprus, Amathus

Dewing 2616

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AR Twelfth_SG5718cfAmathus, Cyprus, AR 1/12 stater. Roikos, Head of lion right / forepart of lion right, head facing, Cypriot letter Rho before. TextImage
BMC 5, 48thAmathus, Cyprus, AR 1/48 stater, (0.17g) c. 460-400 BC, Lion's head right / Lion right. TextImage
BMC 8Cyprus, Amathos, Evagoras I AR Stater or Didrachm. 411-374 BC. Lion reclining right, paw raised; above, eagle flying right; E in exergue / Forepart of roaring lion right. TextImage
BMC 18Amathus, Cyprus, AR Tetrobol, 2.16g. Head of lion right, jaws open / Forepart of lion right, Cypriot letter "Po" in right field. BMC 18.TextImage
BMC 19 obolCyprus AR Obol. Head of lion right / forepart of lion right. Obol version of BMC 19. TextImage
Dewing 2616Amathos, Cyprus. Rhoikos. Circa 350 BC. AR Diobol. Head of lion right / Forepart of lion right, head facing. TextImage
Sear SG 5711vAmathos, Cyprus, AR Sixth Stater. Lion leaping left / forepart of lion right, inscription below, all in dotted square incuse. TextImage
SNGCop 3Amathos, Cyprus, Rhoikos AR Diobol. ca 350 BC. Head of lion right / forepart of lion right, head facing. Dewing 2516. TextImage
twelfthAmathus, Cyprus, AR 1/12 stater, (0.51g) Roikos, Head of lion right. / Forepart of lion right, head facing. S5718var. TextImage
Sear SG 5711Amathus, Cyprus, Lion, AR triobol. Unknown King, c. 450 BC. 1.67 g. Lion crouching right on pellet groundline, star above. / Forepart of lion right, jaws open, in rectangular dotted border, all within shallow incuse square. Sear SG 5711; BMC 3.TextImage
Sear SG 5718Amathos, Cyprus AR 1/3 stater or tetrobol, 2.16 g, ca. 350 BC, Rhoikos, King of Amathos. Head of roaring lion right. / Forepart of lion right, head facing. Cypriot letter Rho before. Sear SG 5718; BMC 18-19; SNG Cop 3; Dewing 3516.TextImage
Sear SG 5719Amathos, Cyprus, AR 1/3 stater or tetrobol. c.400-350 BC, head of lion right, roaring / forepart of lion running right, star before. BMC 22.TextImage
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