Ancient Coinage of Cyclades, Siphnos

Situated between Seriphos to the north and Melos to the south, it was colonized by Ionians from Athens who named it after the founder, Siphnos. Gold and silver mines in the area quickly led to prosperity. The town struck silver and bronze coins from the 4th to 2nd century BC and then a few provincial coins in the time from Septimius Severus to Gordian III.
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BMC 1Siphnos, Cycladen, AR stater. 11.94 g. ca 520 BC. Eagle flying right. / Incuse square divided into seven triangular sections. BMC 1; Traité II-1, 1940.TextImage
Mionnet 126Siphnos, Cycladen AE24. Veiled head of Hera right / ΣI-ΦN, eight-branched palm bearing two bunches of dates, EP-A across fields. TextImage
Müller coll. 302Siphnos, Cycladen, AE16. 1.18 g. 3-2nd century BC. Female head right. / CIΦ, eagle standing right on a cippus, wings closed, crescent in upper left field. Roland Müller collection 302.TextImage
SNG Cop 747Siphnos, Cycladen, AR drachm or tetrobol. 13 mm, 3.54 g. 4th century BC. Head of Apollo right, hair bound in a taenia. / Σ-I-Φ retrograde and anti-clockwise from lower right, eagle flying right, leaf or barley corn in upper right field, all within shallow incuse. SNG Cop 747; Hoover HGC 702; BMC 5; Philipsen 1600-1601 (this coin); Mionnet II, 88 ("dove").TextImage
SNG Cop 748Siphnos, Cycladen, AE17, 3.72 g. Late 4th century BC. Female head right (Artemis?). / ΣI-Φ across lower fields, eagle front, head left, wings spread, serpent in beak. SNG Cop 748; BMC 8-10; Pozzi (Boutin) 4588; Hoover HGC 706; Mionnet II, 125 ("dove") and Supp. IV, 271 ("eagle").TextImage
SNG Cop 752Siphnos, Cycladen, AE16. 3.48 g. 4th century BC. EΠI HΡO (retrograde), helmeted head of Athena right. / CIΦNIωN, eagle standing right, head low to the ground. SNG Cop 752; BMC 11; Mionnet II, 129 ("dove").TextImage
Weber 4715Siphnos, Cycladen, AE16. 4.90 g. 4th century BC. Diademed female head right. / ΣIΦ, eagle flying right. Weber 4715 (this coin).TextImage
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