Ancient Coinage of Cyclades, Ios

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BMC 4Ios, Cyclades. Circa 2nd-1st Century BC. AE 18mm. (OMHROU), bearded head of Homer right, hair bound in a taenia / IHT-WN, Athena standing right, holding shield and hurling spear, small palm tree to right. BMC 4.TextFull Size
BMC 6Ios, Cyclades, AE. 3rd century BC. (OMHROU), bearded head of Homer left, hair bound in a taenia / Rev: I-HT, palm tree. BMC 6; SNG Cop. 674.TextFull Size
Pozzi 4531Ios, Cyclades, AE9. 3rd century BC. Head of Homer right / IH-TW, palm tree. Pozzi 4531 (this coin).TextFull Size