Ancient Coinage of Crete, Praisos

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Svoronos 9Praisos. Circa 325-270 BC. AR Hemidrachm. Laureate head of Apollo right / Bee. TextImage
Svoronos 21Crete, Praesus AR Stater. ca 330300 BC. ΠΡAIM, Zeus Dictaeus enthroned left, head facing, holding eagle on extended right hand & resting left on sceptre / ΠΡAI, Herakles standing right, holding club in raised right hand, lionskin draped over extended left arm, bow in bowcase standing vertically behind, all in shallow circular incuse. Rider 228. TextImage
Svoronos 40Crete, Praisos AR Drachm. Circa 325-270 BC. Head of Demeter right / Facing bull's head. BMC 8. TextImage
Svoronos 45Crete, Praesus AR Hemidrachm. ca 330300 BC. Head of Kore-Persephone left, wreathed with grain leaves / ΠΡA, bee, rose bud to left. TextImage
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