Ancient Coinage of Commagene, Kings, Antiochos IV

Although Antiochos IV was "only" the King of Commagene, he struck coins in Cilicia (e.g. Anemurium, Celenderis, Corycus, Lacanatis, Elaeusa Sebaste, Selinus) and Lycaonia (Laranda).

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BMC 11Antiochos IV, King of Commagene. AD 38-72. AE 24mm. BAΣI MEΓ ANTIOXOΣ EΠI, Diademed and draped bust right / KOMMAΓHNΩN, Capricorn right; star above; anchor below; all within wreath. BMC 11; RPC 3855.TextImage
BMC 12Antiochos IV Epiphanes, King of Commagene, AE19. AD 38-72. 6.1 g. BAΣI ANTIOXOΣ, diademed and draped bust right. / KOM-MAΓ-H-NΩN in four lines between and beneath crossed cornucopiae. BMC 16; SNG Cop 4; RPC 3859; Anson IV 405; Hunter 12.TextImage
RPC 3537Antiochos IV Epiphanes of Commagene, AE15, AD 38-72. 3.05 g. Probably struck in or for Laranda, Lycaonia. ΠI-Σ TI-Σ in two lines across fields, two clasped right hands holding a caduceus. / ΛYKAONΩN, anchor. RPC I 3537; Aulock Lykaonien 13: Kovacs 253.TextImage
RPC 3703Antiochus IV, King of Commagene. AE26, Cietis mint. AD 38-72. 12 g. BAΣIΛEYΣ MEΓAΣ ANTIOXOΣ EΠIΦA (from top right), diademed and draped bust right. / KIHTΩN to right of crescent and scorpion. RPC I 3703; Kovacs 270; Waddington 4800; SNG Levante 561.TextImage
RPC 3704Antiochus IV, King of Commagene AD 38-72. AE 25mm. Anemurium, Cilicia. BAΣIΛEΩΣ MEΓAΣ ANTIOXOC EΠIΦANYΣ, diademed and draped bust right / ANEMOYΡIEΩN around to left, Artemis standing right, drawing arrow from quiver; at feet, stag right, head left. RPC I 3704; SNG Levante Suppl 101 (this coin); BMC 19; SNG Pfalz 306.TextImage
RPC 3708Antiochus IV, King of Commagene. AE14, Anemorum mint. AD 38-72. 3 g. BACIΛEYC ANTIOXOC, diademed head of Antiochos right. / BACIΛICCHC ANEMOYΡ.., diademed head of Queen Iotape right. RPC I 3708; SNG Levante 485.TextImage
RPC 3854Antiochos IV of Commagene. AE30. 12 g. AD 38-72. Commagene mint. BAΣIΛEΩΣ MEΓ ANTIOCOC EΠI, laureate, draped bust right, anchor countermark behind bust. / KOMMAΓHNΩN, scorpion, all within wreath. BMC 6; Butcher 1; RPC 3854.TextImage
RPC 3855Commagene, Kings of. Antiochos IV. AD 38-72. AE 22mm. BAΣI MEΓAΣ ANTIOXOΣ EΠI, diademed & draped bust right / KOMMAΓHNΩN, capricorn right, star above, anchor below; all within wreath. BMC 14-15. TextImage
RPC 3856Antiochos IV, King of Commagene. AD 38-72. AE28, 12.25 g. BACIΛEYC ANTIOXOC EΠI, diademed head right / KOMMAΓHNΩN, Scorpion holding diadem in its claws, all within wreath. RPC I 3856; SNG Cop 2.TextImage
RPC 3857Antiochos IV, King of Commagene, AE 26mm. BAΣIΛEYΣ MEΓAΣ ANTIOXOΣ, Diademed head right / KOMMAΓHNΩN, Scorpion within wreath. RPC 3857; BMC 7. TextImage
SGI 5507Antiochos IV, King of Commagene, AD 38-72, AE26. BAΣIΛEYΣ ME ANTIOXOΣ EΠI, Diademed bust right, two oval countermarks / KOMMAΓHNΩN, Scorpion, all within laurel wreath.Text

Ziegler 255Antiochos IV of Commagene, AE22 struck in Kelenderis, Cilicia. AD 38-72. 6.73 g. BAΣIΛEΩΣ ANTIOXOΣ, diademed, draped and cuirassed bust of Antiochos right. / KEΛENΔEΡI EΠΡ ΠAΔH, Apollo standing left, holding branch and leaning on column surmounted by trident. Ziegler Kilikien 255 (this coin); RPC I 3710; SNG Levante 544.TextImage
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