Ancient Coinage of Cappadocia, Kings, Ariarathes III

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Simonetta 2a-bAriarathes III, King of Cappadocia. 230-220 BC. AE18, Tyana mint. 5.14 g. King's head right, wearing tiara / ARI DS TY above and beneath Ariarathes on horseback right, holding spear; palm tree before. Simonetta 2a-2b.TextImage
Simonetta 4Ariarathes III, Kingdom of Cappadocia. 230 - 220 BC. Kybistra. Bearded head right wearing flat tiara / ARIARAQ DS KUBISTRA, king riding right on horseback, wielding spear, palm tree before. Simonetta 4.TextImage
Simonetta 20.8Ariarathes III, Kingdom of Cappadocia. 230-220 BC. Kybistra mint. AE13, 1.49 g. Head of Ariarathes III left, wearing bashlyk / BASILEWS ARIAQATOS, Athena standing left, holding shield and spear. Simonetta 20,8.TextImage
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