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HN Italy 773Calabria, Graxa. Ca 250-225 BC. AE 15mm. 2.44g. Scallop shell / ΓΡA below, eagle standing right on thunderbolt. HN Italy 773.TextFull Size
HN Italy 778Graxa, Calabria, AE9, ca 250-225 BC. 0.61 g. Eight-pointed star and crescent / ΓΡA, crescent and thunderbolt. HN Italy 778.TextFull Size
SNG ANS 801Calabria, Graxa. AE 11. Before 200 BC. Scallop shell / ΓΡA, Eagle standing right on short bar, star to right. SNG ANS 801; Sear 602v.TextFull Size
SNG Cop 749Calabria, Graxa. Circa 250-225 BC. AE15mm. Scallop shell / ΓΡA below, eagle standing right on thunderbolt. TextFull Size
Sear SG 603Graxa, Calabria, AE16. Before 200 BC, Laureate head of Zeus right / GRA, two eagles standing right on thunderbolt, crescent to right. SNG ANS 804; SNG Munich 583; SNG Morcom 251; Sear SG 603.TextFull Size
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