Ancient Coinage of Bruttium, Petelia

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BMC 4Petelia, Bruttium, AE12, ca. 280-216 BC. 0.92 g. Diademed head of Herakles right / PETH-LINWN, club with handle left. BMC 4; SNG Munich 1555; SNG ANS 609.TextImage
Rutter 2453Bruttium, Petelia. Circa 216-204 BC. AE Triens(?). Veiled head of Demeter right / Zeus advancing left, head right, holding thunderbolt in right hand overhead, sceptre in left. SNG ANS 602 var. TextImage
Rutter 2464Petelia, Bruttium, AE13 Sextans. ca. 2nd c. BC. Laureate head of Apollo right, two dots to left / ΠETH-ΛINΩN above and beneath stag standing right, TΠ monogram in right field. Rutter HN Italy 2464.TextImage
Rutter 2465Bruttium, Petelia. Circa 204-89 BC. AE 14mm. Radiate head of Helios right / Tripod; T-A in fields. SNG ANS 604-605 var. TextImage
SNG ANS 43Petelia, Bruttium, AE26. c. 208-205 BC, Helmeted head of Mars left, oval countermark of crab. / BΡET... Nike crowning trophy, ΠETH countermark. TextImage
SNG ANS 602Petelia, Bruttium. AE 20.8mm; 5.55 gr. 214-204 BC. Veiled head of Demeter right / ΠETH-ΛINΩN, Zeus holding sceptre, standing right, leg drawn back, about to hurtle thunderbolt. Star in left field. SNG ANS 602.TextImage
SNG ANS 603Petelia, Bruttium AE 17.93 mm. 214-204 BC. 5.68 g. Laureate head of Apollo right / ΠETH-ΛINΩN to left and right of tripod. SNG ANS 603.TextImage
SNG ANS 606Bruttium, Petelia. Circa 204-89 BC. AE 17mm. Helmeted head of Mars right / Nike walking right. Rutter, HN 2456. TextImage
SNG ANS 608Petelia, Bruttium, AE Tetrachalkoi, 216-204 BC. 16.5mm; 4.09g. Head of Ares right wearing Corinthian helmet / ΠETHΛINΩN to left and right of Nike standing left, holding wreath. SNG ANS 608; MIAMG 3533; Sear GC 682; HN Italy 2456.TextImage
SNG ANS 610BRUTTIUM, Petelia. ca 216-204 BC. AE Triens. Head of Athena right, in crested Corinthian helmet / ΠETHΛINΩN, Zeus advancing left, head reverted, with thunderbolt & sceptre; four dots right. Caltabiano 11. TextImage
SNG ANS 612Bruttium, Petelia. Circa 204-89 BC. AE 19mm. Laureate head of Zeus right; three pellets / Zeus standing right, hurling thunderbolt; plow. SNG ANS 612-613 var. (symbol); Rutter, HN 2461. TextImage
SNG ANS 614Petelia, Bruttium. Sextans. 214-204 BC. 3.15 gr; AE15.11 mm. Head of Apollo right / Artemis advancing left, holding torch. SNG ANS 614.TextImage
SNG ANS 1285Bruttium. Petelia. 216-204 BC. AE. 3.90 gr, 16.19 mm. Helmeted head of young Zeus left / ΠETE-ΛIANΩN, Nike standing left, holding wreath. SNG ANS 5, 1285.TextImage
SNG Cop 1914Petelia, Bruttium. c216-89 BC. AE Cast Quadrans. Laureate head of Zeus left; three dots behind / Winged thunderbolt; three dots to left. TextImage
Sear 678Petelia, Bruttium. AE15, 280-216 BC. Veiled head of Demeter right, wreathed with barley. / ΠETHΛINON, Zeus, naked, standing right, holding spear and wielding thunderbolt. SNG ANS 1283; Sear SG 678. TextImage
Sear 682Petelia, Bruttium. ca 216-204 BC. AE Uncia. Head of Ares right in crested Corinthian helmet / ΠETH-ΛINΩN, Nike standing left, holding wreath. Caltabiano 3, SNG ANS 607; BMC 2; SNG Cop 1921. TextImage
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