Ancient Coinage of Bruttium, Mesma

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HN 2431Mesma, Bruttium, AE15. 340 BC. 2.6 gr. MEΣMA, laureate head of Zeus left / Nike advancing left, holding wreath. Rutter HN 2431; SNG Munich 1543; Sambon (Italie Meridionale) 4; Gorini 6.TextImage
SNG ANS 591Mesma (Medma), Bruttium, AE22, 9.80 gr. 340-330 BC. Head of Persephone facing / MEΣMAIΩ, laureate head of Apollo right with long hair. SNG ANS 591; Attianese 525; BMC 1, SNG Cop 1900; Sear SG 672.TextImage
Virzi 350Bruttium, Mesma. ca 340-330 BC. AE 22mm. MEΣMA, head of Persephone right, grain ears in hair; oinochoe left / Pan seated left on rock; dog seated behind left with head reverted. TextImage
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