Ancient Coinage of Bosporos, Kings, Rheskuporis IV

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Anokhin 691Philip I & Rheskuporis IV. Bosporus. Billon stater, 20mm, 7.52 g. Dated Bosporan Era 540 (AD 243-244). Diademed and draped bust of Rheskouporis right / Laureate and draped bust of Philip I right; club before, MF (date) below. MacDonald 602; Anokhin 691.TextImage
Anokhin 696Philip I & King Rheskuporis IV Billon Stater. Struck Year 548 = A.D. 251/2 in Bosporus. Laureate head of King Rheskuporis IV right / Veiled head of Philip I right.TextImage
Mionnet 148Trajan Decius, AR or billon stater, Year 545 = 248/9 AD, Bosporus. BACIΛEΩC ΡHCKOΠOΡ, Crude head of Rheskuporis IV right / Crude laureate bust right, club before, EMF below.TextImage
Mionnet 149Trajan Decius, billon stater, Year 545 = 248/9 AD, Bosporus. BACILEWC RHCKOPOR, head of Rheskuporis IV right / laureate bust right, star before, ZMF below.TextImage
Anokhin 714Gallienus and Rheskuporis IV. Billon stater, dated local year 563. AD 266. BACIΛEΩC ΡHCKOYΠOΡIΔOC, diademed and draped bust of Rheskuporis IV right, trident before head / Date ΓXΦ beneath laureate and draped bust of Gallienus right, K before head. Anokhin 714.TextImage
SGI 5499Gallienus and Rheskuporis IV, Billon Stater. Year 564 = 267 AD. BACIΛEWC ΡHCKOΠOΡ, Rheskuporis' laureate draped bust right, trident before / laureate draped bust of Gallienus right, K to right, date ΔΞΦ below.TextImage