Ancient Coinage of Boeotia, Thespiae

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BCD 605Thespiai, Boeotia, AR stater. Early-mid 4th century BC. 22.5mm, 12.02 g. Boeotian shield. / ΘEΣΠ-IKON beneath head of Aphrodite Melainis right, with crescent to right and beneath neck. BCD Boiotia 605 (this coin); Hoover HGC 1397 (this coin); BMC 9; Boston MFA Supp. 94.TextImage
Imhoof 155Thespiai, Boeotia, AR hemiobol, early-mid 4th C. BC. 0.44 g. Half a Boeotian shield / ΘEΣ, horizontal crescent facing downwards, star of eight rays within, all within incuse circle. Imhoof Boeotiens 155; BCD Boiotia 603; Traite III 368.TextImage
SNG Cop 397vThespiai, Boeotia. Circa 456-446 BC. AR Hemidrachm (2.74 gm). Boeotian shield / Amphora, crescent at lower right. TextImage
SNG Cop 398Thespiae, Boeotia, AR obol. 9-10.5mm, 0.62 g; 380-350 BC. Boeotian shield / Θ-E-Σ-ΠI around two crescents. SNG Cop. 398, BMC 1, SNG Lockett 1764.TextImage
SNG Cop 401Thespiae Boeotia AR obol. 10.5 mm, 0.91 g. ca. 431-424 BC. Boeotian shield. / QES above double-lined crescent. SNG Cop. 401; BCD 598 ff; Hoover HGC 1402; SNG Lockett 1763; SNG Berry 606.TextImage
SNG Cop 404Thespiai, Boeotia, AR hemidrachm, early-mid 4th C. BC. 2.88 g. Boeotian shield / ΘEΣ beneath head of Aphrodite Melainis right, vertical crescent in right field. SNG Cop 404; Pozzi 1460; Weber 3316 (this coin); BMC 10; BCD Boiotia 607; Traite III 366.TextImage
SNG Cop 406Thespiae, Boeotia. AE16 civic issue. ca 210 BC. 3.86 g. Veiled female head (Arsinoe III ?) right, wearing modius. / ΘEΣΠI-EΩN to right and left of lyre, all within laurel-wreath. SNG Cop 406; BCD 612.TextImage
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