Ancient Coinage of Boeotia, Orchomenus

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BCD 186Orchomenos, Boeotia. AR obol. ca. 525-500 BC. 7mm, 0.82 g. Barley corn / Incuse square with cross pattern and an additional diagonal line, resembling a four-leaf clover. BCD Boiotia 186.TextImage
BCD 196 varOrchomenos, Boeotia. AR obol. ca. 500-480 BC. 7mm, 0.90 g. Barley corn / Aeginetan style skew pattern incuse with thick lines; Ρ-E (retrograde) across lower two sections. BCD Boiotia 196 var (lettering).TextImage
BCD 198Orchomenos, Boeotia. Circa 500-480 BC. AR Obol 7mm, 0.84 gr. Wheat grain (barley corn), sprouting end upward / Aeginetan-style skew pattern incuse; Ρ-E across left two sections. BCD Boeotia 198; BMC 14 var (configuration of letters).TextImage
BCD 206Orchomenos, Boeotia. Circa 500-480 BC. AR Hemiobol 7mm, 0.36 gr. Wheat grain (barley corn), sprouting end upward / Wheat ear upward; retrograde Ρ-E at lower left and right. BCD Boeotia 206; BMC 32 var.TextImage
BCD 211cOrchomenos, Boeotia, AR Hemiobol, Late 5th century-364 BC. 9.5mm, 0.28 g. Half a wheat grain; ivy leaf at upper right. / E-Ρ across lower fields, corn-ear. BCD Boiotia (Triton IX) lot 211c; Hoover HGC 1254.TextImage
BCD 215bOrchomenos, Boeotia, late 5th century-364 BC. AR Tritetartemorion or Tritemorion (3/4 obol) (0.58 g). Three wheat grains (barley corns) in a row, sprouting ends upward; E-Ρ below / Wheel of four spokes. BCD Boiotia 215b.TextImage
BCD 216Orchomenos, Boeotia. Circa 500-480 BC. AR Tritetartemorion 10mm, 0.58 gr. Three wheat grain (barley corns), sprouting end upward / Free horse prancing right. BCD Boeotia 216; BMC 29.TextImage
BCD 217b varOrchomenos, Boeotia, ca 500-480 BC. AR Tritetartemorion or three-quarter obol, 8.5mm, 0.46 g. Three corn-ears in a row, sprouting ends upward, EΡ retrograde below / Horse running right. BCD Boiotia 217b var. (lettering).TextImage
BCD 1582Orchomenos, Boeotia (or Hermione, Argolis?). AE Chalkous. ca 340-300 BC. 11 mm, 1.87 g. Helmeted male head right / EΡ within laurel wreath. BCD 1582 otherwise unpublished.TextImage
BCD 1583Orchomenos, Boeotia. AE Tetrachalkon. ca. 167-146 BC. 16mm, 5.20 g. Zeus standing left, holding Nike and sceptre / OΡXOME ΘEΩN to right and left of Achaia seated left, holding wreath and sceptre. Hoover HGC 965; BCD 1583; Warren (2007) 511-515.TextImage
BMC 3Orchomenos, Boeotia, AE17. Ca 340-300 BC. 2.99 g. Helmeted head right / E-Ρ, Artemis standing right, drawing bow. BMC 3; BCD Peloponnesos 1577; Hoover HGC 959.TextImage
BMC 21Orchomenos, Boeotia. Circa 395-364 BC. AR Hemidrachm 14mm, 2.56 gr. Boeotian shield / EΡX within wheat wreath. BCD Boeotia 220; SNG Cop 200; BMC 21.TextImage
BMC 22Orchomenos, Boeotia. Circa 385-375 BC. AR Stater 19mm, 12.30 gr. Boeotian shield / EΡ-XO to left and right of amphora, vertical corn-ear at upper right, all within concave circle. BCD Boeotia 222 (this coin); BMC 22.TextImage
BMC 24Orchomenos, Boeotia. Circa 385-375 BC. AR Stater 19mm, 12.15 gr. Boeotian shield with corn-ear to right across one end / EY above, EΡ-XO to left and right of amphora, all within concave circle. BCD Boeotia 223; SNG Cop. 199; BMC 24.TextImage
BMC 36Orchomenos, Boeotia, ca 370-364 BC. AE15mm, 2.23 g. corn-ear on Boeotian shield / E-X-Ρ-O in the alternate spaces between the rays of a star of eight rays. BMC 36; BCD Boeotia 255.TextImage
BMC 39Boeotia, Orchomenus. 210 BC. AE 12 mm. Veiled bust of Arsinoe III (as Hera) right, sceptre over shoulder / EX-ΡO sideways to right and left of tripod; all within laurel-wreath. TextImage
Hoover HGC 5Orchomenos, Boeotia, AE18. Ca 368-345 BC. 4.54g. Artemis kneeling right, resting hand on ground and holding bow, hound in left field / [EΡXOMENI]ΩN, Kallisto seated left on rock, transfixed by arrow, falling backwards with outstretched arms, newborn Arkas with waving arms beneath her. Hoover HGC 5, 958; Winterthur 2247; BCD Pelop. 1573-1575.TextImage