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RecGen 1Nikomedes I. AR Tetradrachm. Nikomedia mint. Struck ca 260-250 BC. 29mm, 16.91 g. Diademed head right. / BAΣIΛEΩΣ NIKOMHΔOY, Bendis the warrior deity seated left on a flat-topped rock, holding two spears in her raised right hand and sword in scabbard in left, shield at her side, branchless tree behind her. IΔ monogram in inner left field, Nike walking left in outer left field. RecGen 1; De Luynes 2421.TextFull Size
RecGen 2 Kingdom of Bithynia, Nikomedes I AR Tetradrachm. ca 280-250 BC. Nikomedia mint, ca 260-250 BC. Diademed head right / BAΣIΛEΩΣ NIKOMHΔOY, The warrior goddess Bendis seated left on a rock, holding two spears; shield below; Nike walking left in outer left field. No monogram. RecGen 2. TextFull Size

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