Ancient Coinage of Bithynia, Dia

Note: Imhoof-Blumer, in Griechische Münzen, stated that coins attributed to Dia, Bithynia are misread or misinterpreted, that Dia, Bithynia struck no coins and that coins with the legend DIAS should be attributed to Kabeira, Thrace - which was once called Diospolis. However, all other old and modern authors and catalogers of Bithynian coins (Waddington, Hoover, Mionnet, Babelon, Dalaison etc) do not agree, especially with regard as to where such coins are found.

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RecGen 5A-1bisDia, Bithynia, civic issue, AE 18.4 mm. 9590 BC or 8070 BC. Laureate head of Zeus right. / ΔIAΣ beneath eagle standing half-left on thunderbolt, head turned right. HTΡ monogram in left field. RecGen 5A-1bis (Waddington's hand-written addition in the Paris BNF example of RecGen); Type Hoover HGC 453; BMC -; BMC Black Sea -; SNG France 7 -.TextImage
SNG BMC 1562Bithynia, Dia AE 20mm. Circa 85-65 BC. Laureate head of Zeus right / Eagle standing left, head right, on thunderbolt; monogram in left field. SNG Stancomb 805. TextImage
SNGvA_6930Bithynia, Dia. Circa 85-65 BC. AE 19mm (8.10 gm). Diademed head of Zeus right / Eagle standing left on thunderbolt, head reverted, monogram in left field; ΔIAΣ in exergue. TextImage