Ancient Coinage of Baktria, Kings, Theophilos

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Bop_5Baktria, Graeco-Baktrian Kings. Theophilos. Circa 90 BC. 21x18mm. Bearded bust of Herakles right; club over shoulder / Cornucopiae. SNG ANS 1260. TextImage
Bop_5ABaktria, Theophilos. Circa 90 BC. Unit. Draped bust of Herakles right, club over shoulder / Cornucopiae; monogram to lower left. SNG ANS 1260-1262. TextImage
Bop_6ABaktria, Theophilos. Circa 90 BC. Unit. Bust of Herakles right, in lion skin / Club; monogram to lower right. TextImage
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