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Bop 5A Baktria, Diodotos II AV Stater. ca 235-230/225 BC. Mint "A" (near Aļ Khanoum). Diademed head right / Zeus Bremetes left; to inner left, wreath above eagle standing left. SNG ANS 82. TextFull Size
Bop 6F Baktria, Diodotos II AR Tetradrachm. ca 235-230/225 BC. B (Baktra). Diademed head right / BASILEWS DIODOTOU, Zeus advancing left, brandishing thunderbolt in right hand, aegis draped over extended left arm; in inner left field, monogram above eagle standing left. TextFull Size
Bop 6F.1
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Bop 6F Baktria, Diodotos II. Circa 235-225 BC. AR Tetradrachm of Attic standard. Diademed head right / Nude Zeus advancing left, brandishing thunderbolt, aegis on outstretched arm; monogram and eagle before. TextFull Size
Bop 8A Baktria, Diodotos II. Circa 235-230/225 BC. AE 21mm. Laureate head of Zeus right / Artemis advancing right, holding torch, hound at feet. TextFull Size
Bop 12A Baktria, Diodotos II AE 20mm Double Unit. Aļ Khanoum mint, ca 235-230/225 BC. Head of Hermes right, in petasos / BASILEWS DIODOTOU, Athena standing facing, holding spear in her right hand, shield in her left. TextFull Size
Bop 13A Diodotos II. c235-230/225 BC. AE Unit. Head of Hermes right, in petasos / BASILEWS DIODOTOY, Athena standing facing, holding spear and resting hand on shield. Holt H1. TextFull Size
Bop 14 Baktria, Diodotos II AE half-unit. King's bust right, in petasos / Athena standing, holding lance. TextFull Size
Bop 15A.1
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Bop 15A Diodotos II AE Quarter Unit. Eagle with outstretched wings standing left / Bowcase. Holt I4. TextFull Size
Sear 7511Bactrian Kingdom, Diodotos I and/or II AR Tetradrachm. ca 256-230 BC. Afghan Mint. Young diademed head right / BAΣIΛEΩΣ ΔIOΔOTOY, Zeus, naked, striding left, holding aegis and thunderbolt, wreath before, eagle at feet. Mitchener 74a, BMC India 3.TextFull Size
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