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Bop 1A Kings of Baktria, Apollodotos I AR Tetradrachmm. ca 180/174-165/160 BC. Attic Standard. Diademed and draped bust right, wearing kausia / BASILEWS APOLLODOTOU, Athena seated left, holding Nike in extended right hand, spear in left, resting her left elbow on shield; monogram in ex. TextFull Size
Bop 2A.1
TextFull Size
Bop 2A Baktria, Apollodotos I. Circa 174-165 BC. AR Hemidrachm. Elephant walking right / Humped bull walking right. SNG ANS 299. TextFull Size
Bop 4D Baktria, Graeco Baktrian. Apollodotos I. Circa 174-165 BC. AR Drachm (2.41 gm). Elephant standing right; monogram / Zebu bull standing right. MIG 207b. TextFull Size
Bop 4G Apollodotos I. c174-165 BC. AR Drachm of Indian weight standard. Elephant standing right; monogram below / Zebu bull standing right; monogram below. TextFull Size
Bop 6F Apollodotos I. 174-165 BC. Quadruple Unit. Radiate Apollo standing facing, holding bow & arrow / Tripod; monogram to right. MIG 209q. TextFull Size
Mitch 2165 Bactria, Apollodotus I AE22 Square Hemiobol. Taxila mint. Apollo standing facing holding spear and bow / trident, Kartoshi legends. TextFull Size
Sear 7590Indo-Greek Kings: Apollodotus I. 160-150 BC. Silver Drachma, 16mm (square) (2.39 gm). Elephant standing right / Humped bull standing right.ObverseReverse
Sear 7591Bactria, Apollodotos I, square AR Drachm. Elephant standing right, monogram beneath / humped bull standing right, monogram beneath. Mitchiner 207a.ObverseReverse
Whitehead 246Apollodotos I, Baktrian kingdom, AR square drachm, 2.43 gr, 160-150 BC. BASILEWS APOLLODOTOU SWTHROS around elephant standing right, PK monogram below / Karosthi legend around humped bull standing right. C below. Whitehead 246.TextFull Size
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