Ancient Coinage of Baktria, Kings, Antialkidas

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Bop 8ABaktria, Antialkidas AR Tetradrachm. Bilingual series. BAΣIΛEΩΣ NIKHΦOΡOY ANTIAΛKIΔOY, heroic diademed bust left, in aegis, brandishing spear in his right hand / Maharajasa jayadharasa Amtialikidasa in Karosthi, Zeus standing facing, holding sceptre in his right hand; behind, elephant standing left, small Nike standing left on its head, holding wreath; monogram to lower left. TextImage
Bop 10ABaktria, Antialkidas AR Drachm. Circa 115-95 BC. Diademed and draped bust right / Zeus Nikator seated half-left; elephant forepart to left, monogram below throne. SNG ANS 1066. TextImage
Bop 13cIndo-Greek Kings. Antialkidas. Ca.115-95 BC. AR drachm. BAΣIΛEΩΣ NIKHΦOΡOY ANTIAΛKIΔOY, diademed and draped bust right, wearing kausia; below / Zeus enthroned left, holding Nike in outstretched right hand, sceptre in left; forepart of elephant to left.TextImage
Bop 14Av Baktria, Antialkidas AE 24mm. ca 115-95 BC. Indian standard, Pushkalavati mint. BAΣIΛEΩΣ NIKHΦOΡOY ANTIAΛKIΔOY, Draped bust of Zeus right, holding thunderbolt in raised right hand about to hurl it. / Two palm branches between caps of the Dioskuri; monogram left below. SNG ANS 1104; MIG I 281a.TextImage
Bop 15ABaktria, Antialkidas. Circa 115-95 BC. AE Unit, 6.52 g. BAΣIΛEΩΣ NIKHΦOΡOY ANTIAΛKIΔOY, Bust of Zeus Keraunouchos right / Pilei and palms of the Dioskuri; monogram to lower right. Bopearachchi SÚrie 15A; SNG ANS 1107-1109. TextImage
Bop 17aBaktria, Indo-Greek Kings. Antialkidas. Circa 115-95 BC. AE 20mm, 8.56 g. BAΣIΛEΩΣ NIKHΦOΡOY ANTIAΛKIΔOY, Bust of Zeus right, thunderbolt over shoulder / Karosthi legend, Caps of the Dioskuri, two palms between them, monograms below. TextImage
Bop 17BBaktria, Indo-Greek Kings. Antialkidas. Ca 115-95 BC. AE, Bronze 18mm x 17mm. BAΣIΛEΩΣ NIKEΦOΡOY ANTIAΛKIΔOY, bearded, draped bust of Zeus right, thunderbolt over left shoulder. / Karoshti legend, two palm branches between the caps of the Dioskuri, ΔHY monogramm below. Mitchiner 151, Type 280c, Bop. 278, sÚrie 17B. TextImage
Bop 17CvBaktria, Indo-Greek Kings, Antialkidas. ca 115-95 BC. AE Hemiobol. BAΣIΛEΩΣ NIKHΦOΡOY ANTIAΛKIΔOY, laureate bust of Zeus right; thunderbolt over shoulder / Caps of the Dioskuri with two palms between; monogram below. SNG ANS 1131 var.TextImage
Bop 22Baktria, Indo-Greek kings. Antialkidas. Ca 115-95 BC. AR Drachm, 2.32 g. Pushkalavati mint? BAΣIΛEΩΣ NIKHΦOΡOY ANTIAΛKIΔOY, Helmeted, draped bust right / Karosthi legend, Zeus seated left, forepart of elephant right before. MIG 279d.TextImage
SNG ANS 1098 Antialkidas, king of Baktria. Ca 115-95 BC. AR Drachm. BAΣIΛEΩΣ NIKHΦOΡOY ANTIAΛKIΔOY, draped bust of King left, wearing kausia / Karosthi legend, Zeus seated left, holding Nike, forepart of elephant left in left field, holding wreath in its trunk. SNG ANS 1098; Hoover HGC 259. TextImage
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