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AC 140 Axumite Kingdom, Hataz (ca. AD 575) AE19. Capped & draped bust of Hataz facing, framed by two grain ears, each with an offshoot terminating in a cross / Greek cross within octagon, Ge'ez legend Htz ngs 'ksm , “Hataz, King of Aksum.” TextFull Size
BMC 522Kings of Axum, Hataz AE 16mm. Draped bust facing, in cross on crown; flanked by two stalks of grain, from the base of which springs two cross-topped stems / Hataz King of Aksum (in Ge'ez), Greek cross in octagonal scalloped frame. Munro-Hay Type 140; BMC Aksum 522. TextFull Size
BMC 529ffKings of Axum, Hataz AE 17mm. King Hataz (in Ge'ez), crowned facing bust / Mercy to the People (in Ge'ez), voided cross-crosslet with central cross. Munro-Hay 141; BMC Aksum 529ff. TextFull Size
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