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Khurshudian p8Mithradates. Circa 1st-2nd century AD. AE 22mm. Diademed Parthian-style head left within wreath / Mithradates King of Tosp(?) within wreath. TextFull Size
Mionnet IV, 8Mithradates I Kallinikos of Armenia, AE15. Ca 96-70 BC. 5.25g. Youthful, draped bust left, wearing conical tiara / BAΣIΛE.. MIΘΡIΔA.. ΦIΛO, above and beneath club, all within wreath. Mionnet IV, 8; AC 193.TextFull Size
Mionnet IV, 9Mithradates I Kallinikos of Armenia, 19mm, 6.32 g. Ca 96-70 BC. Head right, wearing conical tiara / BAΣIΛEΩΣ MIΘΡIΔATOY KAΛΛINIKOY, Athena standing left, holding spear, round shield at foot. Bedoukian 20; AC 187; Mionnet IV, 9.TextFull Size
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