Ancient Coinage of Arkadia, Tegea

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BCD Pelop. 1725Tegea, Arkadia. AR Hemidrachm ca 370-350 BC. 14 mm, 2.61 g. Helmeted head of Athena left. / TE-ΓE, owl standing left, on olive branch, head facing. BCD Peloponnesos 1725.TextImage
BMC 6Arkadia, Tegea. ca 420-370 BC. AE 15mm. Head of Athena right, in crested Athenian helmet / TE-ΓE, owl standing left. BMC Appendix 6. TextImage
BMC 8-9Tegea, Arkadia. AE dichalkon, ca 370-350 BC. 3.91 g. Helmeted head of Athena right. / TEΓE downwards to right of owl standing left on tall olive branch, head facing. BMC (Appendix) 8-9; BCD Peloponnesos 1728s.TextImage
BMC 14Tegea, Arkadia. AE Trichalkon. Civic issue. ca 250 BC. 3.77 g. ΘEOΦ to left of head of Athena facing slightly left, wearing triple-crested Attic helmet and necklace. / TEΓEA, the infant Telephos kneeling right, suckled by doe standing left, head right. BMC 14; BCD Peloponnesos 1735; Weber 4349.TextImage
BMC 22-24Tegea, Arkadia. AE tetrachalkon. Civic issue. ca 50-25 BC. 3.3 g. Struck under Macedonian rule. Head of Eileithuia left, two grain ears in hair. / TEΓEATAN, Athena standing right, holding spear, placing a lock of Medusa’s hair into a vessel held by Sterope standing left. TAY monogram in upper centre, IM monogram in lower centre. BMC 22-24; BCD Peloponnesos 1750.2.TextImage
Clerk 223AchAEan League, Arkadia, Tegea AR Hemidrachm. ca 222 BC. Laureate head of Zeus right / AX monogram; T-E across field; all within wreath. BMC Peloponnesus 127, SNG Cop 293. TextImage
SNG Cop 292Tegea, Arkadia. 420-390 BC. AE 14 mm. Gorgoneion. / TE, Owl standing left, head facing, olive branch at lower left. TextImage
SNG Cop 302vArcadia, Tegea. AE 17. Circa 350 BC. Athena facing slightly left, wearing triple-crested Attic helmet / TEΓEA, Telephus kneeling left, suckled by doe standing right and looking back. SNG Cop 302var.TextImage
SNG Cop 307Arkadia, Tegea. After 370 BC. AE 14mm. Head of Athena right, in crested Athenian helmet / TEΓE, cock standing right. SNG Cop 307; Traité II-3 993. TextImage
SNG Cop 314Tegea, Arkadia. AE Hexachalkon. Civic issue. ca 50-25 BC. 6.36 g. Struck under Macedonian rule. AΛEOΣ, head of Aleos right, hair bound in a taenia. / TEΓEATAN, Kepheus standing right, holding shield and spear, receiving lock of Medusa’s hair from Athena, standing left, holding spear; Sterope standing right between them, holding vessel. TA monogram in upper centre. SNG Cop 314; BCD Peloponnesos 1749; Pausanias 3b.TextImage
SNG Cop 348AchAEan League, Tegea. Ca. 191-146 BC. AE Tetrachalkon. Zeus Homarios standing left, holding Nike and sceptre / Achaia seated left, holding wreath and sceptre. Warren, Bronze 836 (this coin); BCD Peloponnesos 70; SNG Copenhagen 348.TextImage
Traité 976Tegea, Arcadia, AR Tetartemorion. 0,24gr. Helmeted head of Athena left / Letter T within shallow incuse square. Traite 976.TextImage
Traité 980Tegea, Arkadia, AE16. ca 423-400 BC. 3.21 g. Head of gorgoneion facing. / TEΓE, Owl standing left, head facing. Traité II-3 980; Hoover HGC 1057; BCD Pelop. 1722.TextImage
Mionnet II, 75Julia Domna AE25 Assarion of Tegea, Arcadia. 193-217. 6.30 g. IOYΛIA ΔOMNA CEBA, draped bust right / TEΓEATΩN, ATAΛAEΩN below, Atalanta standing right, holding spear with both hands, attacking the Kalydonian boar standing left beneath tree. Mionnet II, 75; Mionnet Supp. IV, 120; Imhoof Pausanias p. 108, 1; BCD Peloponnesos 1754.TextImage
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