Ancient Coinage of Argolis, Tiryns

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BMC 5Argolis, Tiryns. ca 370-300 BC. AE 12mm. Laureate head of Apollo right / TIΡY-NOIΩN, palm tree. BMC 5; SNG Cop 150. TextImage
McClean 6906Tiryns or Nemea, AR Hemidrachm, 2.51 g, c. end 4th century, or later. Head of the eponymous nymph Nemea to right, wearing taenia and with her hair flowing in locks down the back of her neck / Harpa above club, both to right; all within wreath of wild celery with ties below. BMC 47 (Argos); De Hirsch 1371 (Tiryns);McClean 6906 (Tiryns). TextImage
SNG Cop 150Tiryns, Argolis, AE, ca. 370-300 BC, 1.52 g. Head of Apollo right. Palm tree. BMC 5; SNG Copenhagen 150.TextImage