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BMC 60Southwestern France, Monnaies Ó la croix, AR Drachm. Type attributed to the Tolosates, a branch of the Volcae Tectosages (oppidum Tolosa). Celticized head left, two dolphins before (off flan this specimen) / Cross with two grains, axe, & loop in angles, & crescent in outer part of each quadrant. Castelin 71. Dessewffy 581. TextFull Size
DLT 2986Celtic Silver Drachm 12-15mm, 1.94 gr. Tolosates (Toulouse) Type a la Tete Negroide, struck between 121 and 52 BC. SÚrie II. Negroid head left / Bulleted cross with crescent patters in each quarter, circle in one quarter, dots in the other quarters. LT 2986.TextFull Size
DLT 3040Celtic, Gaul, Tolosates. Ca. 1st century B.C. AR Drachm (2.81 g, 14 mm). Stylized head left with hair rising in a series of hooks / Cross with ring and crescent, groups of three dots within the quarters. DLT 3040.TextFull Size
Monnaies II, 160Celtic Potin Tolosates Tribe. 1.0 grams, 11mm. Letters TE / Wheel. Monnaies II 160.TextFull Size
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