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BN 7068 Gaul: The Carnutes. c. 40 BC. Bronze -16mm (2.44 gm). Bust of female wearing diadem. / eagle beneath a hand holding berry branch. TextFull Size
DLT 5986 Gaul, The Carnutes (Poitou) AR Drachm. After ca 150 BC. Laureate, beardless head right, Celticized, with laurel leaves in “Kashmiri” style / Two horses running right, one above the other, pair of leaves above, Celticized eye below. BMC S161. TextFull Size
DLT 6088 Celtic Gaul, Carnutes AE15. Region of Chartres, type "Aux oiseaux et au serpent" (with birds and snake). Before 52 BC. Head right / large and small eagles, pentagram to left, bouleted cross between, serpent above. TextFull Size
DLT 6188 Celtic Potin Carnutes Tribe. 14 mm, 2.2 g. Male bust right with 3 braids, mouth with 2 dots. / Wolf with huge clawed feet walking left, star below. De La Tour 6188. TextFull Size
DLT 6337 Carnutes, Celtic Gaul. Katal. Circa 1st Century BC. AE 15mm. Head right; K before / Winged lion walking right. TextFull Size
DLT 6377 Carnutes, 80-50 BC. Male head left / Wolf walking left. Celtic legend INIA above. TextFull Size
DT 2571Celtic Gaul. Carnutes. ca 50-30. AV half stater. 15 mm, 3.68 g. Celticized laureate head of Apollo left. / Bird flying right with wreath formed by dots and an X, crescent-shaped ornament above. Delestrée-Tache 2571.TextFull Size
DT 2571 varCeltic Gaul. Carnutes. ca 50-30. AV half stater. 15 mm, 3.63 g. Celticized laureate head of Apollo right. / Bird flying right, two double crescent, fibula-shaped ornaments above and to left. Delestrée-Tache 2571 var (Apollo left).TextFull Size
Scheers 766 Gaul, Carnutes AE 16mm. ca 80-40 BC. Celticized head of Apollo right / TAIIOC (retrograde) in ex, roaring lion walking left, bird perched left on back, dot in ring before, another beneath the lion. Danicourt 175. TextFull Size
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