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BMC 715ffBritish Celtic Cantiaci - Class II Potin 1.14 gr. Ca 50-45 BC. Crude bust right with large central pellet / Crude bull with large central pellet. VA 139-01; BMC 715-723; S. 64. CCI 00.1837.TextFull Size
Hobbs 2520 Celtic Britain, Cantii, Amminius AR Unit (1.16 gm). Second coinage, ca. AD 38–40. A in circle surrounded by wreath / Hippocamp right, S above, AM below. Hobbs 2520–2521. Van Arsdell 194-1. TextFull Size
Seaby #630Celtic Britain, the Cantii Potin 22mm Unit. ca 100 BC. Celticized head of Apollo right / Celticized bull right, made of curved lines. VA 114.Full Size
vA 147.01Celtic Britain, Cantii, AV Quarter stater, c. 30-20 BC, 1.23 gr, 11 mm. Blank / Trophy with a box with cross-hatching to left and right. Van Arsdell 147,01.TextFull Size
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