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Note: SB 2150 and 2153, recently reattributed to Andronicus I Gidon have been moved to that page.
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SB 2148Andronicus I Gidon, emperor of Trebizond. AR Aspron Trachy. ca. 1221-1254 AD. Magnesia. MHP-QV to left and right of full-length figure of Mary standing facing, both hands raised / IC-XC OXAQ-KHTHC across fields, full-length figure of Christ Chalcites, bearded and nimbate, standing facing, holding book of Gospels. SB 2148; DOC 1.TextImage
SB 2151Empire of Nicaea, Uncertain. AE Tetarteron, Magnesia, 1227-1261. Large B between three dots to left and right / Emperor seated facing, holding sceptre and akakia. DOC 3; SB 2151.TextImage
SB 2152Empire of Nicaea, uncertain ruler, AE tetarteron. Ornate, interlaced cross formed by two loops, decorated with dots / Emperor standing facing, wearing stemma, divitision and chlamys, holding uncertain object. SB 2152; DOC 4.TextImage
SB 2154Empire of Nicaea, uncertain emperor. AE tetarteron. MP-QV, Mary, standing facing, hands raised / Cross with crescents on each end. SB 2154; DOC 6.TextImage
SB 2155Empire of Nicaea, uncertain emperor. AE Tetarteron. IC-XC to left and right of jewelled cross / B and retrograde B. SB 2155; DOC 7.TextImage
SB 2157Empire of Nicaea, uncertain emperor. AE Tetarteron. Cross, floriated, on base of flowers and leaves / St. Theodore, half length figure standing, holding sword and resting hand on shield. SB 2157; DOC 9.TextImage