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Following the fall of Constantinople in 1204, support rallied around Theodore Lascaris who set up an empire centered in Nicaea. On his death in 1222 he left a secure and established state to his successor.
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SB 2061Theodore I, Bi Trachy, Nicaea mint, 1208-1222 AD. MHP-Q V to left and right of Mary, nimbate, seated facing, holding before her the nimbate head of infant Christ / ΘEOΔΩΡOC O ΘEOΔΩΡOC, Theodore, crowned and wearing loros, holding labarum, standing facing on left, and St. Theodore, in military dress, on right, holding spear, both holding patriarchal cross between them. SB 2061, DOC IV, 5.TextImage

SB 2062
Empire Of Nicaea. Theodore I Comnenus-Lascaris (1208-1222). Billon Trachy. IC-XC. Christ, bearded and nimbate, seated facing, holding book of gospels / DECPOTHC KOMNHNOC O LACKAPHC or partial, Theodore, crowned, full length figure standing facing, wearing loros, holding cross-headed sceptre and akakia. SB 2062; Ashmolean 163.Text


SB 2063Theodore I, Empire of Nicaea, AR trachy, Nicaea mint, 1208 AD. QEOWDOC downwards to left, MHP QV downwards to right, St. Theodore, nimbate, standing facing on the left, hands raised and Mary, nimbate, standing slightly to left, hands raised, on the right, uncertain dotted shield-like object between them, hand of god above / QEODOROC DECPOCTH (or similar) to left, Theodore standing facing on the left, holding labarum-headed sceptre and patriarchal cross on base and two steps, being crowned by Christ, nimbate, standing on the right, and holding book of Gospels in his left; IC-XC to left and right of Christís head. DOC 1.2 (this coin). PP 1974, 1 (this coin). SB 2063.TextImage

SB 2064
Empire Of Nicaea. Theodore I, Comnenus-Lascaris. 1208-1222. AR Trachy, 4.12 gm. Magnesia mint. IC-XC across fields, Christ, nimbate, seated facing on throne, raising right hand and holding book of Gospels in left, dots on Gospels, poppy-like decoration on the arms of the throne / QEODWPOC DEC P T O QEODWPOC, standing facing figures of Theodore, crowned and wearing loros, and St. Theodore, in military dress, both holding sword and staff surmounted by eight-pointed star. Bendall and Sellwood H/c1; DOC IV 2.3; SB 2064.Text


SB 2065Empire of Nicaea. Theodore I. AR trachy, 1208-1222 AD. Magnesia mint. No legend, Christ, standing facing, right hand raised, star to right / No legend, Theodore and St. Theodore, standing facing, holding star on staff between them. SB 2065.TextImage
SB 2066Empire of Nicaea, Theodore I Comnenus-Lascaris (1208-1221). AR trachy, Magnesia mint, 1212-1221 AD. 4.17 gr. IC-XC to left and right, O MC EMMA D L N HL down the fields, bust of Christ Emmanuel, nimbate facing, holding scroll / ΘEOΔΩΡOC, Theodore, crowned with cross above, wearing loros and divitision, standing facing on left, holding sword, and St. Theodore, bearded and nimbate, in military dress, standing on right, holding between them a patriarchal cross on long shaft on base of three steps. DOC 4; Sear 2066.TextImage
SB 2067Empire Of Nicaea. Theodore I Comnenus-Lascaris. 1208-1222. Billon Trachy (33mm, 3.57 g). Magnesia mint. IC-XC to left and right of Christ standing facing, cross to left and right / Theodore and St. Theodore standing facing, holding a labarum between them. DOC IV 7; SB 2067.TextImage
SB 2068Theodore I,AE 25mm trachy, 3.58 gr. 1204-1222 AD. Christ, unbearded bust facing / Theodore and St. Theodore standing facing, holding patriarchal cross on steps between them. Sear Byz 2068, Hendy 31 8-9.TextImage
SB 2070Empire of Nicaea. billon Trachy, 4.17 g, Magnesia, 1212-1221 AD. Beardless bust of Christ facing / DEPT to right, Theodore standing facing, holding labarum-headed sceptre and cross on globe. DOC 10.1 (this coin). PP 1974, 2 (this coin). SB 2070.TextImage
SB 2071Theodore I, billon trachy, 1.64 g. Magnesia mint. AD 1208-1222. St. Theodore standing front, holding spear and resting hand on shield. / DECPOTHC KOMNHNOC O LACKARHC, Theodore, crowned and wearing loros, standing front, holding sceptre and cross on globe. SB 2071; DOC IV, 11.TextImage
Zacos 2753Empire of Nicaea, Theodore I Comnenus-Lascaris. 1208-1222. Lead Seal, 38mm, 37.30 g. O AGIOC QEODWPW C in columnar format, the military saint Theodore Teron(?) standing facing, nimbate, holding spear in right hand, shield in left / MAPTVC KOMNHNON QEODWPON DEC POTHN ANAKT[O] FV(OU)C CVZ[V] G(OU) ANNHC [C] [KEPOIC] in seven lines. Cf. Zacos & Veglery 2753.TextImage

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