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BN 1903A
Nicephorus Basilacius AE Follis, 1078 AD. Thessalonica. 7.26 g. [+ NIKH - BACI]/ IC-XC, nimbus bust of Christ facing, holding gospels and raising right hand / IC - XC/ NI-KA in the angles of a Greek cross on one step. Sear 1890 var; BMC-; DO. p. 705-706 BN 1903A.TextImage
SB 1890Nicephorus Basilacius (1078), Pretender. 1078 AD. AE follis, 4.40g. Thessalonica. IC-XC, Bust of Christ facing with nimbus cross behind head, holding scroll and raising right hand / C-B H-B in the corners of a jewelled patriarchal cross on two steps, X in centre. SB 1890, DOC 2.TextImage
SB 1890ANicephorus Bryennius, pretender, 1077-1078. AE follis 6.94g, uncertain mint. Bust of Christ facing, nimbate and with cross behind head, holding scroll / Patriarchal cross on two steps, C-[B]-N-[B] in the four angles of the cross. DOC 1a; Sear 1890A (attributed to Nicephorus Basilacius).TextImage

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