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SB 1840Michael VI Stratioticus, AV Histamenon nomisma 1056-1057 AD, 4.39 g. + IhS XIS REX REGNANTInM, Bust of Christ facing, with nimbus with one dot in each limb, wearing pallium and colobium, raising right hand and holding book of gospels in left / MIXAHL AYTOCRAT, Michael VI, standing on left, wearing crown and jewelled chlamys, holding cross on globe, blessed by Mary, standing on right, wearing pallium and maphorion; MQ between their heads. DO 1b. Sear 1840.TextFull Size
SB 1841Michael VI, Stratioticus. 1056-1057 AD. AV Tetarteron (3.96 gm). Constantinople. MHP QV, facing nimbate bust of Mary, hands outstretched + MIXAHL AUTOCRAT', Michael, bearded and crowned, standing facing on footstool, wearing loros and saccos and holding long cross and akakia. DOC III 2; BN 1-2; SB 1841.Text

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