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End of 1041-April 1042 AD. Michael V was elevated to a co-regency with the empress Zoe, his adoptive mother, but after only four months later he attempted a coup by confining Zoe to a nunnery. The populace, standing by the last descendants of the Macedonian dynasty and within days Michael was deposed and blinded.

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SB 1826Michael V Kalaphates, AV histamenon nomisma (4.44 gm). Thessalonica. +IhS XIS REX REgNANTIhM, Christ enthroned facing, nimbus cross behind head, holding book of gospels and raising right hand / +MI-XAHL DESPOT, the archangel Michael, winged, on left in tunic and mantle, and Michael V, with short beard, wearing saccos and loros, standing facing, holding labarum between them; manus Dei (the hand of God) crowning him. SB 1826.TextImage