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(1034-1041 AD) Michael suffered from epilepsy and his brother John did most of the administration. John's demands for higher taxes led to a revolt in the Balkans which Michael was able to personally put down, but he died on his return to Constantinople.

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SB 1824Michael IV. 1034-1041 AD. AV Histamenon Nomisma. Constantinople mint. + IhS XIS REX REGNANTInM, bust of Christ facing, with nimbate cross with squares in the limbs of the cross, holding book of gospels / + mIX-AH-L bASILEUS Rm, crowned bust of Michael facing, wearing loros, holding labarum and cross on globe; manus Dei (hand of God) above. DO 1; SB 1824.TextImage
SB 1825Michael IV Class C Follis. 1034-1041 AD. EMMA NOVHL around, IC-XC to right and left of Christ, with nimbate cross behind head, three-quarter length figure standing, raising right hand, holding book of gospels in left / IC-XC/NI-KA in the angles of a jewelled cross with dot at each end. SB 1825.TextImage