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SB 2233Michael II Angelus, Despotate of Epirus. billon Trachy, 1.59 g, Arta, 1256-1257 AD. Half-length bust of St. Theodore facing / Emperor and St. Demetrius standing facing, holding sword between them; above, hand of god emerging from ornamental crescent containing a star to crown the emperor. Bendall 1996, 3. SB 2233.TextFull Size
SB 2237Despotate of Epirus, John III (emperor 1222-1254) and Michael II Angelus (Despot 1230-1267). AE Aspron Trachy. Arta mint, ca. 1248. 2.22 gr. Stylized representation of city walls, towers and gate / M-I X-O across fields, Michael standing facing on left, holding hand on his breast and akakia, and John on right, holding cross-tipped sceptre and crowning Michael with his right hand. DOC 3; Sear 2237.TextFull Size