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The scholarly Leo paid little attention to foreign affairs, with the result that the empire declined rapidly, losing territory to the Bulgars and Arabs. When Leo died, his only son from his four marriages was still a minor and Leo's brother Alexander took over the throne.
SB 1725Leo VI AV Solidus. Constantinople, ca 908-912 AD. +IhS XPS REX REgNANTIUM, Christ seated facing in lyre-backed throne, raising right hand in benediction & holding Gospel in left, CONOB in exergue / LEOh ET COhSTANT' AUgg' ROM, Leo VI & Constantine IV standing facing, both crowned and wearing loros, each holding cross on globe, patriarchal cross beween them. Sear 1725; DO 2.TextImage
SB 1726Leo VI. 886-912 AD. AR miliaresion, 2.91 gm. Constantinople. IhSUS XRISTUS nICA, cross potent on three steps, globe below, triple border / + LEWn En XW EVSEbHS bASILEVS RWMAIWn legend in five lines, triple border ornamented with eight equally spaced globes. DO 3; Sear 1726.TextImage
SB 1728Leo VI, AE Follis. Constantinople. 886-912 AD. LEON bASILEVS ROM star, Leo, crowned and wearing loros, seated facing on lyre-backed throne, holding labarum and akakia / LEON EN ThEO BA SILEVS R OMEON legend in four lines. SB 1728, DOC 5.TextImage
SB 1729Leo VI, AE Follis, Constantinople. LEON bASILEVS ROM, crowned bust facing with short beard, wearing chlamys, holding akakia / LEON EN QEO BA SILEVS R OMEON legend in four lines. SB 1729, DOC 8.TextImage
SB 1730Leo VI with Alexander, 886-912 AD. AE Follis. Constantinople. LEON S ALEXANDROS, Leo on left and Alexander on right, both crowned and wearing loros, seated facing on double throne, holding labarum between them / +LEON S ALEXAN GROS bASIL ROMEON legend in four lines. SB 1730, DOC 6.TextImage
SB 1731Leo VI, AE17, Cherson mint. Floriated cross on two or three steps, dot on each side / large LE. SB 1731, DOC 9.TextImage
SB 1736Leo VI (886-912 AD), AE half follis, uncertain provincial mint, 3.16g. +LEON S ALEXA, facing busts of Leo, with short beard on left, and Alexander, beardless on right, each wearing crown and loros and holding labarum between them / +LEON / S ALEXAN / GROS bAS / ROMEON legend in four lines. SB 1736, DO 7.TextImage
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