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SB 1737Alexander, 912-913 AD, AV Solidus. 4.35g. Constantinople. +IhS XRS REX - REGnAnTIUM Christ seated facing, bearded, on wide lyre-backed throne, wearing tunic and himation, right hand raised outwards in blessing, book resting on left knee / +ALEXAnd - ROS AUGUSTOS ROM Alexander at left standing facing, bearded, wearing crown with cross and loros with fringed end passing over right arm and ornamented by +, in right hand cross on globe; left hand extended; to right, St. Alexander standing three-quarters facing, bearded, bareheaded, and barefooted, wearing tunic and himation, placing crown on head of Alexander with right hand and holding cross in left. DO 2. Berk 272. Sear 1737.TextImage

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