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BMI 19 Gold Touch Piece, ND. James II. BMI-19. Woolf obv 2 rev 2. Holed. St Michael killing a dragon / ship in full sail. TextFull Size
Seaby #3397James II AV Five-Guineas. IACOBVS . II . DEI . GRATIA, first laureate bust left / . MAG . BR . FRA . ET . HIB . REX . 16-88, cross of four crowned shields with sceptre between each shield. Fr292.
Seaby #3407James II AR Crown. TERTIO & dated 1687. IACOBVS•II•DEI•GRATIA, DECVS•ET•TVTAMEN•ANNO•REGNI•TERTIO• around edge, second bust left / MAG BR•FRA ET•HIB REX• 16-87, Cruciform crowned coats-of-arms around Garter Star. ESC 78, EMC 229.
Seaby #3408James II AR Halfcrown. PRIMO & dated 1685. Laureate & draped bust left / Crowned cruciform shields. ESC 493.
Seaby #3410Silver Shilling, 1687/6. James II. S-3410.
Seaby #3412Sixpence, 1686. S.3412; ESC-1525; KM-456.1. James II.
Seaby #6579EIreland, James II (1685–1691) Brass Half Crown. Gunmoney, March 1690. IACOBVS . II . DEI . GRATIA, laureate, draped bust left / MAG . BR. FRA . ET . HIB . REX, crown over crossed sceptres dividing J—R, year & XXX above, month below.
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