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Seaby 1079Kings of Wessex, Edward the Elder (899-924 AD) AR Penny. Flower type. +EADVVEARD REX around central circle containing small cross pattee / large lis comprised of linear foral elements, with semicircular sides; name, BV GA within. North 660.ObverseReverse
Seaby 1084Kings of Wessex, Edward the Elder AR Penny. East Anglia mint. Portrait type. +EADVVEARD REX around central circle enclosing diademed & draped bust left / inscription in two lines: NEIOIR / MEICIO in upper & lower registers, pellets above & below, with three crosses across center. North 651.ObverseReverse
Seaby 1084 (2)Kings of Wessex: Edward the Elder (899-924). Penny, portrait type, moneyer: Beahred. 1.61g. EADVVEARD REX, bust left / BEAH / RED MO in two lines; three crosses in centre, cross between two trefoils at top, pellet at bottom. BMC 147 var; North 651; Spink 1084Obverse
Seaby 1087
Anglo-Saxon Edward the Elder, AR Two Line Penny, 899-924 AD, BMC type ii. 1.20 gr. +EADWEAR[ ]X, small cross / OEOI[ ] DEIVO above and beneath three small crosses. Seaby 1087; N. 649.TextFull Size
Seaby 1087Anglo-Saxon Kings of Wessex, Edward the Elder (899-924) AR Penny. Ealdwulf, moneyer. +EADVVEARD REX around small cross / •EALDV +++ VLF MO•. North 649.ObverseReverse
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