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Beowolf 80Anglo-Saxon, Secondary Sceattas. Circa 725-745. AR Sceat, 1.22 g. Series Q-related. Interlaced cross around central dot; dots around / Degenerate bird (hen?) standing right; dots around. Beowulf Coll. 80 (this coin).TextFull Size
Sceat Hen TypeAnglo-Saxon, Sceat. 12mm. Swan like bird standing right, looking back / Hen or rooster, right. No reference found. Similar to the Celtic Himera types.TextFull Size
Series EAnglo-Saxon Sceat. Series E. 0.8 g, 11.2x12.1mm. Quilled crescent, cresent enclosing four quills / Beaded standard. Series E.TextFull Size
Series H type 48Anglo-Saxon AR Sceat. Series H, type 48. 11.5mm. Voided Celtic cross encompassing four rosettes / Clockwise whorl of three serpents. Series H type 48.TextFull Size
Series O type 38Anglo-Saxon AR Sceat. Series O, type 38. 1.24 g, 11.5mm. Snub nosed bust right, swept back hair, pincer shoulder breaking inner border, pseudo legend in margin / Small bird flying right, in stitched double torc, enclosing snake, vestial outer blundered legend. Sceats Series O, type 38.TextFull Size
Series W type 54Anglo-Saxon AR Sceat. Wessex. Series W type 54. 0.97 g, 12x12.4mm. Figure standing facing, looking right, with long wispy hair and jutting beard, holding long cross pommee in each skeletal hand, skeletal legs, wearing chainmail / Cross crosslet on saltire cross, central pellet. Series W type 54. Cf Glendining, auction Oct. 1993, lot 223.TextFull Size
Seaby 764Anglo-Saxon. 'Crispus' Issue. Circa 660-670 AD. Pale AV Thrymsa, 1.33 g. London mint. CBISPVO COB CAES, helmeted and draped bust right, helmet shown as a crest over "corn-rowed" hair. / +RASEAC, and in Runic script, DE LAIONA (of London), crude wreath nclosing a cross on a base, limbs terminating in dots in circles, two crosses in the lower quarters. uncertain (Runic?) symbol in exergue. Sutherland 27 (plate II, 5); Metcalf pg. 44; North 18; SCBC 764.TextFull Size
Seaby 769Anglo-Saxon, white gold phase, ca. AD 645-665-670. White gold Thrymsa Shilling, 12mm, 1.32 g, "Pada" series. Mint in Kent. ITI-IC, diademed and draped bust right. / mIZCTOTLTm (C retrograde) around PADA (in Runic, resembling CFIXIF), in a dotted circle. North 154; Seaby 769; SCBI 63 (BM), 33; SCBI 69 (Abramson), 19.TextFull Size
Seaby 770Anglo-Saxon, Transitional, Pre-Primary Phase. Circa 665-675. Pale AV Thrymsa (11.5mm, 1.18 g, 3h). ‘Pada’ series (Rigold PaIII, type 97). Mint in Kent. Diademed bust right; (C retrograde)HAV ANC clockwise around from lower left. / PADA (in Runic) AVNVSPAVI, saltire cross in beaded circle. (all letters A engraved as Λ). MEC 8 table 3, 31; SCBI 63 (BM), 36; North 31; Seaby 770.TextFull Size
Seaby 775Anglo-Saxon, Primary Sceattas. Ca 680-700. AR Sceat, 11.5mm, 1.21 g. Series A, variety 3. Mint in Kent. Two annulets and A-like symbol behind radiate bust right, TIC to right / Standard inscribed TOT II, on a mast with a cross, pseudo-legend around. BMC type 2a; Abramson 3.40; SCBI BM, 56-62; North 40; Seaby 775TextFull Size
Seaby 777Anglo Saxon Primary Series Billon Sceatta. 680-710 AD. 1.22 gr. TSAMVA.. diademed bust right / ..AMVAMOOO, bird on cross in serpent border, three annulets in fields. Seaby 777; BMC 27a; M. 100-106.TextFull Size
Seaby 777 (2)Anglo-Saxon AR Sceatta. AD 680-710. 12 mm, 1.15 g. ..HVT OOO, blundered legend around diademed bust right in a serpent circle. / AH..AHAOOO, bird on cross with serpent border, annulet to left and right. Seaby 777; BMC type 27b; North 126a.TextFull Size
Seaby 782 (1)Anglo-Saxon Sceat. Series BIIIA, type 27. 1.05 g, 10.9mm. Large diadamed head right / Bird on cross right, cross before, annulets to left and right. Seaby 782.TextFull Size
Seaby 782 (2)Anglo-Saxon Sceat. Series BIA, type 27. 0.97 g, 11.1mm. Large diadamed head right / Bird on cross right, berries before, annulets to left and right. Seaby 782.TextFull Size
Seaby 782 (3)Anglo-Saxon Sceat. Series BIA, type 27. 1.16 g, 10.91x11.23mm. Large diadamed head right / Bird on cross right, berries before, annulets to left and right. Seaby 782.TextFull Size
Seaby 785 varAnglo Saxon AR sceatta, Series W. 11.5 mm, 1.20 gr. ca AD 675-750. Half-length, bearded male figure, body facing, head right, wearing cowl, holding two plain crosses to left and right / Cross crosslet on a saltire, dot in centre. As Fitzwilliam EMC 2007.0333 (Timeline Originals); BMC 200, Type 54 var; Seaby 785 var.TextFull Size
Seaby 788Anglo-Saxon, East Anglia. ca 680-710. AR 'Porcupine' Sceat. Series E VICO variety 2. 12mm. Quilted crescent enclosng bars / Standard with central annulet and letters VIC. Seaby 788.TextFull Size
Seaby 790Early Anglo-Saxon, AR Sceatta, Series E. 1.27gm. 'Porcupine' with triangle attached to curve, ..VX / Standard, dotted border, containing LIII. BMC type 4 N 45; Seaby 790.Text
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Seaby 790 (3)Anglo-Saxon. Circa 690-725 AD. Sceat. Series E. 12mm, 0.89 g. Quilled crescent, cross pommee below / TOTII, standard. Seaby 790.TextFull Size
Seaby 790BSaxon Continental Series, Porcupine Sceatta, 695-740 AD, series E. 0.89 gr. Degenerate porcupine's head enclosing three bars / Standard with circle in centre; X, angular symbols and three dots in triangular formation. Seaby 790B.TextFull Size
Seaby 790B (2)Anglo-Saxon. Circa 690-725 AD. AR Sceatta (Penny) (1.10 g). Series E. "Porcupine" left with line of dots below curve, XII before. / Standard with circle, X, I and crescents in fields. Cf. Metcalf 246; Seaby 790B.TextFull Size
Seaby 791Anglo Saxon, Sceat. Series J, type 85. 12mm. Crude diadamed bust right / Outline of a bird right on cross pommee, annulets on limbs, quatrefoil of berries before bird, all within a double beaded border. Seaby 791.TextFull Size
Seaby 793Anglo-Saxon, Sceat. Series U, type 23b. 0.97 g, 12.3x12.5mm. Standing female figure looking fight, hair swept back, in crescent boat with pommee ends, holding long cross pommee in large hands / Disjointed bird striding right, curved wing, in foliage, pecking berries. Seaby 793.TextFull Size
Seaby 808Anglo-Saxon, AR Sceat. Series G type 3a. 11mm. Diademed head right, cross before / Beaded standard enclosing saltires pommees in angles, around central pellet in annulet, dots between saltires. Seaby 808.TextFull Size
Spink 825Anglo-Saxon Coinage of England, Base AR Secondary Sceatta, Series L, Type 16. Diademed bust right, scroll before / Man standing facing in boat, head right, wearing crested helmet, holding two branches (lilies?). Spink 825, North 69, same rev.die as NC 1953 pl. VI no. 32.TextFull Size
Seaby 833BAnglo-Saxon Eclectic - AR Runic Sceatta, 710-760 AD. 1.27 gr. Runic legend to right of bust right / Annulet-limbed cross with dots. Seaby 833B (833A).TextFull Size
Seaby 836Anglo-Saxon, AR Sceat. Series QIIA. 0.84 g, 12.4x12.5mm. Eagle with forked tail left, feet splayed, dots in field, cross pommee before / Quadruped prancing left, gaping jaws, dots in field. Seaby 836.TextFull Size
Seaby 839Anglo Saxon AR Sceat. Series D, type 2c. 10.5mm. Degenerate radiate bust right / Cross pommee with dots in angles, chevrons around. Seaby 839.TextFull Size
Seaby 839A (1)Anglo Saxon AR Sceat. Series D, type 2c. 1.1 g, 11.7mm. Large radiate bust right / Cross pommee with dots in angles, chevrons around. Seaby 839A.TextFull Size
Seaby 839A (2)Anglo Saxon AR Sceat. Series D, type 2c. 1.14 g, 10.2mm. Large radiate bust right / AV...VNO around cross pommee with dots in angles. Seaby 839A.TextFull Size
Seaby 840Saxon Continental Series. AR Standard Sceatta. Ca. 600-775 AD. 1.11 gr. Standard with angular symbols / Cross pommee with dots in angles. Seaby 840.TextFull Size
Seaby 841 (1)Anglo-Saxon AR Sceat. Series E, Medcalf variety A. 12mm. Porcupine, XII in curve / TOTII, standard, crosses at sides. Seaby 841.TextFull Size
Seaby 841 (2)Anglo-Saxon AR Sceat. Series E. 11.5mm. Quilled crescent coiled left, cresent enclosing three quills / Beaded standard enclosing TOX and chevrons. Seaby 841.TextFull Size
Seaby 841 (3)Anglo-Saxon AR Sceat. Series E, Medcalf variety A. 1.06 g, 11.7mm. Porcupine, III in curve / TOTII standard, crosses at sides. Seaby 841.TextFull Size
Seaby 842Anglo-Saxon AR Sceat. Series E Medcalf variety D. 1.18 g, 12x11.6mm. Quilled crescent coiled right, triangular head, annulet tail, X below / Beaded standard enclosing dots, central annulet, symbols and lettering in margin. Seaby 842.TextFull Size
Seaby 843Anglo-Saxon AR Woden head sceat. Series X, type 31. 1.01 g, 11.4mm. Facing radiate, Wodan head with chevron beard / Monster in flight looking back. Seaby 843.TextFull Size
Spink 782Anglo-Saxon. Primary Sceattas. East Anglia. ca 680-710. AR Sceatta, (1.16 g. Series Z imitative, type 66. Facing head with almond-shaped eyes, long hair, moustache and W-shaped beard. / Long-legged hound or boar right with claws as feet, tail raised ending in dots, dots in fields and between legs. SCBI 69, 115; Spink 782; North 145.TextFull Size
Spink 792Anglo-Saxon. York. Circa 710-725. AR Sceatta (Penny) (1.14 gm). Series J, Type 37. Confronted heads with cross on base between them. / Cross with four circling birds within double border. Metcalf 296; BMC 166; North 135; Spink 792.TextFull Size
Spink 822Anglo-Saxon England, Secondary Series (710-760), Sceat, 'Celtic Cross', type 34. 11 mm, 0.9 g. Diademed and richly bejewelled draped bust right, long cross pommée on stand before head. / Cross pattée superimposed on Celtic cross, rosette in each angle. SCBI 512 this coin; Spink 822 (plate coin).TextFull Size
Spink 847Anglo-Saxon. Kings of Northumbria. Eadberht. 737-758. AR Sceatta (Penny) 1.03 g. •EOTBEREhTVG, small cross. / Stylized stag right, surrounded by four dot-in-ring motifs. Pirie Group A; BMC 7; North 177; SCBC 847.TextFull Size
Spink 849Anglo-Saxon England. Alchred, King of Northumbria. AR Sceat, 1.08 g. 765-774 AD. ALCHRED around small cross. / Stylized stag right with long tail and raised foreleg, cross below. North 179; Spink 849.TextFull Size
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