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Seaby 1047
Aethulwulf, King of Wessex, AR Penny, undated. Canterbury Mint. moneyer Deiheah. AD 839-858. Phase 2, new portrait. +EDELVVLF RE, diademed bust right. / +DIAHA MON:T, cross crosslet in small circle. Seaby 1047, North-610.TextFull Size
Seaby 1047LiabaAethelwulf, King of Wessex, AD 839-858. AR Penny. Moneyer M.A.HN.A. or LIABA. Phase II ca 845-848. Canterbury mint. +EDELVVLF REX, diademed bust right / + (M.A.HN.A. or LIABA) MONETA around circle containing cross crosslet. North 610.Full Size
Seaby 1051
Aethelwulf, King of Wessex, AD 839-858. AR Penny. Moneyer Degbearht. Canterbury mint, struck ca 852-858. Phase IV coinage; inscribed cross type. + AEDPELVVLF REX, bare-headed, draped bust right / + DEGBEARHT on and between limbs of beaded cross, MONETA in angles. Seaby 1051; North 618.Full Size
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